Chat and drink with Mike Weersing, owner of Pyramid Valley Vineyards in New Zealand

对麦克来说,葡萄酒是一个地方的守护神。在葡萄园或酒窖的每一个工作,都是对守护神的召唤。生物动力法,依靠人力的种植法,低产量,自然地酿酒方式- 他们使用这些方法更好地传递自然的声音。


麦克在世界各国游走酿酒,先在勃艮第学习种植和酿造,先是伯恩葡萄酒学校,后来在勃艮第大学。那段时间他一直在欧洲的酒庄酒窖工作,雇主从勃艮第的Hubert de Montille, 金笋酒庄, 尼克拉泊戴;阿尔萨斯的让米歇尔戴斯和Marc Kreydenweiss;莫塞尔地区的恩斯特罗森。他在法国、西班牙、新世界澳大利亚Yarra Valley 和美国俄勒冈都酿过酒。



Chat and drink with Mike Weersing, owner of Pyramid Valley Vineyards in New Zealand

To Mike, wine is a genie, genius loci – every gesture he makes, in vineyard and winery, is a summons to this spirit of place. Biodynamics, hand-based viticulture, low yields, natural winemaking – these are some of the means he has adopted better to record and transmit this voice.

Come and chat with Mike at the exclusive Vinilocus Wine Lounge, and taste his wines which are now some of the most highly prized and sought after wines coming out of New Zealand.

Mike’s winemaking career has spanned the world, starting with his oenology and viticulture studies in Burgundy and including work with such producers as Hubert de Montille, Domaine de la Pousse d’Or, and Nicolas Potel in Burgundy; Jean-Michel Deiss and Marc Kreydenweiss in Alsace; and Ernst Loosen in the Mosel. He has made wine in France and in Spain and in Yarra Valley of Australia and in Oregon in the United States.

Mike and his wife Claudia came to New Zealand in 1996, when Mike began making wine with Tim and Judy Finn at Neudorf Vineyards in Nelson. After a long and intensive search to find a site for their own vineyard, they purchased a farm in the Pyramid Valley, near Waikari in North Canterbury, in 2000.

Come and you will learn how Mike has combined his Old and New World experiences to craft wines that today are arguably some of the most stunning New World wines.


?guests of Honor:

Mike Weersing, Owner 酒庄主及酿酒师
Nik Mavromatis, Marketing Manager 市场负责人

Wines to taste:


PYRAMID VALLEY VINEYARDS Twin Valleys Savagnin Rose 2010

金字塔谷庄园双峡萨瓦涅罗斯白葡萄酒 2010

PYRAMID VALLEY VINEYARDS Lion’s Tooth Chardonnay 2010 (James Suckling 93 pts)

金字塔谷庄园蒲公英霞多丽白葡萄酒 2010 (詹姆斯萨克林 93分)

PYRAMID VALLEY VINEYARDS Cowley Pinot Noir 2010 (James Suckling 93 pts)

金字塔谷庄园考利黑比诺红葡萄酒 2010 (詹姆斯萨克林 93分)

PYRAMID VALLEY VINEYARDS Angel Flower Pinot Noir 2010 (James Suckling 95 pts)

金字塔谷庄园天使花黑比诺红葡萄酒 2010 (詹姆斯萨克林 95分)

PYRAMID VALLEY VINEYARDS Hille Semillon Late Harvest 2008

金字塔谷庄园希勒晚收型赛美容甜白葡萄酒 2008

Time: 7-9 pm 24th of June

Venue: Bar Veloce, 1949 The Hidden City, Courtyard 4 Gongti Beilu
地点:Bar Veloce, 工体北路4号院1949会所B区

Ticket price: 150RMB

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