Silver Heights awarded Best Chinese Red Wine for the third year by China Wine Challenge

2013 年8 月,上海 — 7 月19 日,2013 中国葡萄酒挑战赛于上海希尔顿酒店公布,银色高地阙歌干红摘得最佳中国红葡萄酒桂冠。这是银色高地自2011 年7 月第一届起第三次蝉联该奖项。

作为一个独立的葡萄酒竞赛,中国葡萄酒挑战赛委任Steven Spurrier 为评委会主席,并与葡萄酒大师学会有着稳固而深远的合作关系。评委会由国内和国际上多位权威酒评家和专业人士组成。

银色高地位于宁夏贺兰山东麓。葡萄生长于海拔1200 米之上,这使其成为中国最高的葡萄园之一。如今,银色高地由高源女士经营,她持有法国国家级酿酒师资格证书。

2012 年11 月,在简西丝·罗宾逊的专题《高源——今日葡萄酒传奇》中,她这样形容高源:“这是一位年轻的女性酿酒师,她的成功很好地展现了如今葡萄酒世界的变革方向”。

2012 年,高源被《葡萄酒评论》中文版评为“年度最佳酿酒师”。罗伯特·帕克的《葡萄酒倡议者》为2009 年份的银色高地阙歌干红打出86 分的高分,这是迄今评分最高的中国葡萄酒。




August 2013, Shanghai – Silver Heights “The Summit” was crowned as Best Chinese Red Wine, announced by China Wine Challenge 2013 on July 19th, Hilton Shanghai Hotel. This is the third consecutive year that Silver Heights gets this Best Chinese Red Wine Trophy since its first edition in July 2011.

As an independent wine competition, China Wine Challenge appoints Steven Spurrier as Chairman and boasts a solid partnership developed with the Institute of Masters of Wine.

The judge panel consists of authoritative wine critic and professionals, both Chinese and international.

Silver Heights is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Helan in Ningxia Autonomous Region. Grapes are harvested at an altitude of 1,200 meters, making it one of the highest vineyards in China. It headed by Emma Gao, holder of a Dipl?me National d’Oenologue from Bordeaux (France).

In Jancis Robinson’s featured article “Emma Gao – A story of wine today” in November 2012, she described Emma as “one young female winemaker that nicely illustrates the current evolutionary state of the wine world”. In 2012, “La Revue du Vin de France” Chinese Version gave her “Best Winemaker of the Year”. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate marked 86 points for 2009 The Summit, best score for Chinese wines.

As the exclusive distributor of Silver Heights, TORRES CHINA was established by Miguel Torres in 1997 with the integration of Baron Philippe de Rothschild as a key shareholder in 2007, with offices in eight major cities and over 450 wines from 15 countries.

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