Top Cellar智利品酒会/Chilean Wine Tasting

Full bodied, full throttle and mature tastes are the essence of Chilean Wines. Top cellar will have the pleasure to receive Mr. Rafael and Miss Anca Soiculescu, for a special wine tasting. Come and share with them your excitement of special Chilean wine day!

浓郁的果香,夹杂着厚重的口感,智利酒给人的第一感觉总是内敛而不张扬,浑厚而又飘香四溢,这次Top Cellar携手Rafael 先生和Anca Soiculescu小姐,与您共享这美丽的智利葡萄酒之夜,让我们共同期盼吧!

时间:2010.11.5? 19:00——20:30

Time: 5th November 2010 7pm-8.30pm


Venue: LG Twin Towers

L110, West Tower, LG Twin tower,No.12,Yonganli,Jianguomen wai street, ChaoYang district


酒会门票/Entrance Fee:RMB50