Jebsen Fine Wine is proudly to present Mr Philippe Magrez, the next generation of the Bernard Magrez Family, who is owner of Chateau Pape Clement Grand Cru Classe de Graves and other vineyards, in total 37 vineyard all around world. With his best selection of wines including the rare Chateau Pape Clément Rouge 1988! A wine dinner not-to-be-missed!

Jebsen’s guest will enjoy RMB:898 net special discount price for this dinner. Join with us!

捷成洋酒联合在全球拥有37家庄园的法国波尔多伯纳德马格里家族少庄主 Philippe Magrez 先生为您精心呈现一场物超所值的美酒盛宴,包括难得一见的1988年份黑教皇城堡和2007年份的奇妙搭配之旅。